High T Cream, 4 oz.

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  • Reduce Muscle Soreness
  • Alleviate Post-Workout Pains
  • Lessen Inflammation
  • Improve Elasticity of Skin
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High T® Cream contains Fenugreek Extract, Aloe, Camphor, Clove Flower Oil, Menthol, Sweet Almond Oil, and Wintergreen Leaf Oil to reduce muscle soreness.

High T Cream is a specially formulated natural muscle rub designed to soothe tired, overused muscles and alleviate post-workout soreness. Fenugreek Extract is included to help muscle recovery, lessen inflammation, and improve elasticity in the skin. A combination of herbal oils and aloe enhance the soothing effect and help tighten the skin. High T Cream is designed for everyday use or post-workout fatigue.


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Topical Cream

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4 oz.